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1. Abomination...of Creation

divine promises preached in the cross; burn, burn on the altar; domain of false gods of light; the empire of lies come back to the temple; through the sacrifice the bloody blasphemy; and all the angel...

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2. Burn On Behalf Of God

now it is the time of pain; tears and misery; and the one that this for coming; the reborn bitterness; the earth burns; the lights turn off; the voice that clamors in the past; never comes back; the s...

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3. Diabolical Redemption

screams of infinite torment; surrendering the spirit to the creation; the flames of the inquisition burn the flesh; the smell of blood infested in the air; the sinners arise to the skies; of the diabo...

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4. Hated By The Flames

destiny marked by iron and fire, followers of the ideology of the false; and deceiving faith; the pain I feel again; the desire to kill consumes me; the flames penetrate into my skin; I will be the ev...

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5. Real Glory Revealed

the heat of the fire; running in my veins; god's wars revenge; crossing the sky and tearing the soul; of the shadow of the cross, written lies; lies, my lies live again; the dark side I see the truth;...

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6. Smell Of Death

together with the first sunshine; you can just listen to the first scream; of lamentation of people that are dying; or that last someone; while a child cry for; a piece of bread; and the mother is see...

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7. The Emptiness Of The Flesh

under all mortal flesh a bloody sea; of lamentations tear the vein; where souls of hate; get lost in mortal sins; following the traces of pain; the search of your own pardon; and in macabre dreams awa...

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