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Letra da Música Where Ryvo Sleeps de Valerie

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hey, mr. T
how are you doing?
how are all those thousand troubles in your head?

hey, mr. T
are you feeling lonely?
cause you used to be when I used to be there

how many masks do you have?
Did you buy them all?

do you feel a little pressured?
are you taking all your medicine?

do you still need a help from your friend Ryvo to

Mr. T,
I need to know about your life, send me a sign, or
I want to know if you're ok... alone!

you know, I was reading some magazine on my toilet
I read about your life and It took my attention away

How are you doing? What did you do
to forget the lady that you wrote about?
How are you doing? How can you see
that you are on the right track, mr. T?

I know your attempts are kinda dirty
you wore glasses to look like a nerd
why don't you show your heart?

I can't, I just can't understand

and all those questions keep running through my head
now that you got the life you wanted
why all this shit keeps running through your head?

your life is a mess, oh poor little boy!
he goes to parties, lives in a plane and no one feels sorry..

your head is hurting? oh, mr. T!
maybe you should stop smoking a lot of weed.

And If someone, someday, says something that you need to know
you should pay attention, baby!
think about your words.

Oh, Mr. T, I hope you see
that they can go away as one day I did.
Oh, Mr. T, I hope you find the right girl
to write another love song and say everything you

I hope you find someone, I hope you win the war

I hope you're alright, mr. T!

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Número de Palavras 269
Número de Letras 1469
Intérprete Valerie

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