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Look at that girl,
She is a pretty girl,
And she walks with her brown hair down the street

Look at that dress,
She has a brand new dress,
And nobody thought that she could be so sweet

With her shorty hair she pass you by
You think she would stay but Why?
Why damn you always think you right?

You pass for her and you can't believe
That your little girl now is so sweet
but She doesn't want you anymore
She locked your door.

Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Ooh.

Look at that boy,
He used to be a pretty boy
And all the girls wanted to be his "sweet"

Now, Look at that pants
He got a tight pants
And acting and looking this way his seems so gay

With his funk hair he pass her by
She know it's wrong but she can't hide
Why do all the wrong things seems so right?

You pass for her, she can't believe
that her pretty boy now look like this
She really doesn't want you anymore
She locked your door.

oh oh oh oh oh!

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