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Letra da Música She Waits de The Hal Sparks Band

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Told her all I'll ever want and all I'll ever need
Is just enough to make me leave
I can' tell when the magic fades and there's nothing up my sleeve
But it's hard to know I believe, oh

She waits
And I pretend that I'm not coming back
She waits
For me to find my way back home again
She waits
I never thought she would
She waits

Tell her that I've been in love but I've never had a friend
I'm always starting at the end
Better that I leave this place than break apart a home
How much can I hurt if I'm on my own


[guitar break]


...for good

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Número de Palavras 97
Número de Letras 593
Intérprete The Hal Sparks Band

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