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1. Animal

The only thing you know is what I tell you; The only thing you buy is what I sell you; And you can't hear it if it isn't on my station; The doctor's afraid that you'll no longer be his patient; Make t...

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2. Mad Season

In the modern design; Complications arise; Symptoms suffered inside; Only help us to hide the speed of the fall; And the silence of my walls; It's getting away from me; It's getting away from me; Anot...

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3. Panic Attack

My hero called me today; Said I don't think that I can live this way; Been hitting it one to one; I've introduced this temple to this gun; And I don't know how to feel; Is it me or is it real? How man...

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4. Satelites

Sometimes the moment comes and I wait for it to fade; And sometimes the stars are aligned; And give me a sign in the shape of her face; Chorus; Cause in this dark she shines a light; I'm wondering if ...

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5. She Waits

Told her all I'll ever want and all I'll ever need; Is just enough to make me leave; I can' tell when the magic fades and there's nothing up my sleeve; But it's hard to know I believe, oh; Chorus; She...

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6. The Slow Song

Simple places, children's faces, an ordinary day; I never knew that a sky so blue could take me so far away; But you were there, without a care, my one and only friend; Summertime on the county line, ...

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