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Letra da Música Opus Draconum (intro) de Ordo Draconis

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Collaudentur veterrimi
Collaudentur dracones

In speculis sunt
In penetralibus tellis
Dracones stellantis noctis.

Quis capit vos mente,
Quis comprehendit vos mente?
Vos quibus sapientia oblita,
Opsque, vestrum numen,
Et ad creandum et ad consumendum;
Qui antea fuerunt ac erunt in perpetuum.

Elicio vos, me audite!
Evoco ex penetralibus tellis
Accipite haec sacra qui obeo vobis;
Accipatur veterrimis deis

[English translation:]

Extolled be the most ancient ones
Extolled be the serpents, the dragons

Lying in wait, the dragons
Of night strewn with fulgent stars
Reside in the bowels of the earth.

What spirit would understand thine,
Let alone comprehend?
Thou who bears elusive wisdom,
Masters the numinous art and wields the power
Both to create and to dissolve;
Who was here before and will be hereafter.

I summon thee, harken!
I conjure thee from deep within
The bowels of the earth
Accept this sacrifice I offer
As to be accepted
By the most ancient gods

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Número de Palavras 122
Número de Letras 965
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