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Letra da Música From The Foundations Of Chaos de Ordo Draconis

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The burning stars were falling
And the sky had turned red.
When the conjuration was complete,
The eldest force reappeared
To show us the Golden Age
And guide us into the new dawn.

The seven seals, that are broken,
Have released the hidden knowledge.
The serpent that is now released
Will reclaim this mortal world.
Through ancient wisdom and sacred bonds
Pandemonial chaos will be unleashed.

Appear before us, o serpent awakened,
Rise up from thy resting place,
Bless us with thy darkest grace
And release us from our earthly chains.

O ancient serpent, hear our calls,
Thou who hast the infinite knowledge:
From thy resting place in the bowels of the earth,
Reveal thy wisdom, the cosmic key
To the children of this sacred tribe,
That we may be unified with our destiny.

Release the spirits of war and plague,
The heralds of pestilence,
Unleash despair upon the human race
And let fire rain from the spheres.
Let the eldest force reappear
And embrace us with its knowledge.
Open the portal and bring forth the hordes
Of the hidden race.

From the foundations of chaos,
Awake the serpent from her slumber,
For when night appears in shades of red
And the stars have fallen down,
A sword will appear in the sky,
A signal for the hidden race,
That the boundaries have been broken
And the portal has been opened.

From the desolate places,
Within the caverns of the earth,
They arise and float
Like mist, vengefully.

After the completion of this conjuration
A terrible silence fills the wastes,
For the serpent will awake from her slumber
And claim her rightful throne once more.

Ficha Técnica da Música From The Foundations Of Chaos

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Número de Palavras 230
Número de Letras 1506
Intérprete Ordo Draconis

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