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We have to get ready
'cause the end of times is arriving
Some guys say will come with fire
Others speaks will be a war
But actually the world is already ending
And we don't know this
'cause the man kills, burn

And ends dying with your own poison
With no knowing your life just depends on him
And if nothing does will end up
Destroying a world he created

[chorus x2]
The hours passes
The days leaves
And the world worse and worse


Is incredible as we have the power of create another life
But is frightening as the same can be destroyed
We know what must we do
But we don't want 'cause our intelligence ignores the obvious of having to do the right

We have the control and we can change this
Just depends on not believe in fate

[chorus x2]

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Número de Palavras 123
Número de Letras 779
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