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We live in the world of fear
In an unequal society
Where the money answers
For all that depends on it

We're suffocated by a information's world
That everyday transmit us contradictions
Manipulating and ruling our minds

Day by day we think and imagine the future
As if it had salvation
As if everything we lived had salvation!

Hail to the kings
They deserve pardon for their sins!
Hail to the kings
That one day will destroy us!

Without knowing, we're controlled by
And watched everyday
Where we go, somebody's looking at us
What we speak, somebody's listening


When we die we are
Exhumed and judged
Even after deads
And still we do nothing to change the game!
They invaded our homes
And took out our privacy
They killed our minds
And buried it with publicity

We know we are lost
And the world walks for destruction,
But what still we don't know
We're being manipulated!!!

Solo [scariotti x d'giulli] / chorus

Hail and fight for the kings
They deserve pardon for their sins!
Hail to our mighty kings!
That one day will destroy us!

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Número de Palavras 151
Número de Letras 1082
Intérprete Omitah

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