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Letra da Música Decline de Ingested

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Searching for the end!!
In this breeding darkness!!

Flames replacing flesh!!
Survival over honour you'll..

Life stripped away.

Altered mind's perception,
Dismiss incarceration.
Striving to prove yourself..
A perfect invitation!

You'll never... Be nothing more than a killer.
...and they will watch you rot.

Life stripped away!!
To die alone!!


This is mankind's decline! This is mankind's design!
Death of humanity, leads to complete annihilation.
Loss of morality, darkness inherit be.

Broken hope (broken hope!)

This is decline!
This is the end!

We will bring on the end of!
The end of time!
The witness to mankind's decline!

We are the four bringers of doom!
Harbingers...of the end!!

The fallen angels of!..
Famine and pestilence!!

Bringers of war!!..
Bringers of war and...

We who cannot be contained.

Broken, fall from grace.
Suffer, you will burn.

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Número de Letras 968
Intérprete Ingested

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