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1. Crowning The Abomination

Die! Wiping all life from the world! Scorching flesh, conflagration! This usurpation, my time is almost near. No conscience burning, I'll reign and domineer. ...My determination! I'll be the one that ...

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2. Decline

Searching for the end!! In this breeding darkness!! Flames replacing flesh!! Survival over honour you'll.. Fall! Life stripped away. ; Altered mind's perception, Dismiss incarceration. Striving to pro...

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3. Invidious

I've said it once and I'll say it again; We are unparalleled, we have no friends; Sick and tired of all the imposters; I am done with try'na pretend; This is a warning shot, Judas; We see through your...

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4. Misery Leech

Perception's not reality but it overshadows truth; From sheep to wolf you took my skin to bury all the proof; Starve; You will be forgotten with your ever-fading youth; I belong to no one. I'm a fucki...

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5. Purveyors Of Truth

The crowd looks up in awe; It was the smoke without the fire; All so quick to pass your judgement; Now we throw you on the pyre; Who said this and who did what? It makes no difference when you're fuck...

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6. Skinned and Fucked

Iolent bursts of rape induced frenzy; another dies by these hands of mine; I feel sick, of these useless lumps of flesh; that stain my eyes; Faceless, they're watching me it seems; they know my every ...

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7. Sovereign

I wear the crown, I am the sovereign; Imperator across this planet renowned; Bow down, bow down! The king has returned; Get down on your knees now the tables have turned; They'll all run for cover for...

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