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In the dawn and birth of this story
Scientists proclaim a new discovery
Funded by American government
They found means of new warfare
Bodies diseased reeking of death
Injecting mutated bacteria
Seeking destruction by a warfare of germs
Create mass disposal of life
Mass viral plague
Syringe penetrates to the bone
Society defaced by this parasite
Condemned by a lifetime of pain
Creation of virus causing death
Thousands will die
Relinquish control a plan to slowly kill
Humanity falls prey to this disease
Decomposition induced by plague
Cherish the moments you have left
Introducing a new wave of death
It's toll will surely take your breath
Inherit disease passed through the blood
Suffer the pain and vomit the soul
Vomit the soul
Lives obscure a lifetime of deformity
Amputate limbless stump
Excruciating no one shall be spared from pain
No one deserves to live this way

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Número de Letras 839
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