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1. Disinhabit

Flesh is ripped apart; From the chemicals in the air; Severed bodies torsos chopped in half; Waste the earth of it's inhabitants; Unfit habitat civilizations collapse; Earth in ruins we begin to mourn...

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2. Enslaved Creation

Enslaved by technology; Created by the hands of mankind; An intelligence developed and excessively used; Global information and access to our lives; And our sense of security; For the safety of this p...

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3. Haunted By Torture

Thirty cadavers and counting; As life slips away from my grasp; One final view; Salvation is denied; Stripped of self redemption; Haunted by torture; Left unseen danger; Taunted by agony; One last cry...

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4. Manifest Disease

In the dawn and birth of this story; Scientists proclaim a new discovery; Funded by American government; They found means of new warfare; Bodies diseased reeking of death; Injecting mutated bacteria; ...

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5. Oblivious

A grim disease of dark desires; Words being impaired by grief; Absent from sight unbearable of need; A kiss of death laced with agony; Eyes wide open and pale; A chilling contortion of evil; Cherishin...

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6. Sadistic Evisceration

Torture devices are put; To the test to dissect; Bodies are still alive; Will be spliced and chopped in half; This meat grinding death machine; Has a soul, Meat grinding death machine; Disposal of ali...

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