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as day light shines,
upon the desolate pretense we find,
the course of action permitted was built on lies,
and sold for the profit of war,
united defense,
the capitalist have given consent,
and for Americans they represent.
The lives of our neighbors are not their concern,
and so the bridges burn,
religious right wing spread slander,
have faith in your chief commander,
our interests have been vitalized,
the occupation ignites,
society don't ask why,
the blind patriotics remain in line,
peace of mind goes a long way,
the disillusion of modern day,
it swallows them,
the disgrace of allegiance,
the misconduct of our diplomacy,
I don't abide by the growing influence,
I solemnly swear upon my existence.
As for the system,
we admit them,
its fraudulence in my eyes,
and so upsetting, freedom has yet to define its rights,
if we can't try resistance,
the boundaries bound to condemn your will.
The lives of other depend on it.

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Número de Palavras 131
Número de Letras 898
Intérprete Hit The Switch

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