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1. Anarcho-syndicalist

A german anarchist moved to london after being exiled, From his hometown, The british parliament only believed in advocating it?s predominancy, So once again he had to flee, And as the nazis took powe...

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2. Aphasia

dissociation complete, now better is worse, when principle is just a token, if I should fight this, with all my might I refuse this, the new beginning ends when we're alone, left to think and wonder, ...

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3. Backed By Theory

Consumerism tainted by the contraband, the perfect solvent is; ordained and labeled as procaine, productivity has lost its substance, when product is a bust, and everyone agrees trade isn't fair, so t...

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4. Heavenly Deception

the murders of a million men, made in the name of god, it justifies defense, a holy war where no one wins, so to their guns! With loyalty and commitment, it's the way of our dependence, yea we're figh...

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5. Imperial Horizon

as day light shines, upon the desolate pretense we find, the course of action permitted was built on lies, and sold for the profit of war, united defense, the capitalist have given consent, and for Am...

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6. Mind Rape Culture

the children only know, what they are told, an irreversible content, keeps them from; knowing what they should, these little infants grow like vines among the trees, guided by the strength of roots, b...

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7. Mr. Abrasive

one mother fucker of a bastard; don't give two shits about his own existence, so why the fuck does he still criticize? Social tendencies, addictive disease, you hypocrite. You make me hate sobriety, a...

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8. Nishtagea Theory

yea eradicate predictability, I must secure my thrown of global dominance, they must fear my existence, this is the wrath of opaque, war make the cause worth fighting for, we must never stray from thi...

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9. Operation Northwoods

within the course of us. Anti-communism against Cuban enemy, a plan was made, a tragedy! Manufactured terroristic acts inflicted on the peace, is venality, cross bone strategy, the plot to persuade wa...

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10. Righteous Eyes Turn Red

Righteous eyes turn red; And I have nothing pure to say, Another friend betrays me; And it's just another fucked up way to say, Why go on? With heavy shoulders, clouded minds, And ruthless words, that...

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11. Shift

so many eyes I can't believe that no one saw a fucking thing, and no one spoke a word of truth, I'm the only one surprised, what happened to a lesson learned? Where have all the questions gone? When I...

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12. The March Of Dissent

These are the words nullified by my superiors; withstanding the machines oligarchy, project my dissent, the concern for humanitarian beliefs; we don't agree with present law; The Fight never ends when...

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13. The Wayside

the status of this matter is impeding, the less we give attention to its strength subsides, what better way to think, neglect what we all need, my tolerance will overcome, my interest will inflict no ...

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