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Letra da Música In My Head de Highwater Rising

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She says
that it’s in my head
I can’t let go of all the memories
but I know
I can’t live in the past anymore
she says
she is all alone
and that
even when I’m in the house
it never feels like I’m at home
every time we spend together
I'm tired and I’m scared and I’m upset
but I still wanna try
I want everything
to be the way
it used to be when
we could tell eachother
that we loved eachother
she is everything to me
and I can’t see
how I’m gonna leave
I feel like
I am all alone
and I don’t know if
there is anyway she and I
can make it on our own
I wanna tell her how much I love her
and how beautiful she is to me
that I still wanna try

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Número de Palavras 114
Número de Letras 695
Intérprete Highwater Rising

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