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1. Can't Wait Around

I don't have time to see you; when I come back home from work; take a shower put some clean clothes on; and go out; when I come back home; I have whisky on my breath; I sit out on the porch with my ci...

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2. Coming Undone

Sunday woke up; at the top of his stairs; wondering how long he'd been sitting there for; scared of sleep walking; down to his death; so he locks himself inside his doors; he says what if I fall; it's...

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3. Dropout

Fast asleep; when the phone rings; and it’s late at night; startled the lights are still on; but you hang up before he can answer; you’ve done it time and again; and now your leaving; this town; you f...

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4. Full Moon Drive

Baby I’m so tired tonight; but I can’t sleep with myself baby I hear your words; and you fear the worst for us now; would you say you’re wrong; I’ve been waiting long; throuqh the dark and stormy nigh...

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5. In My Head

She says; that it’s in my head; I can’t let go of all the memories; but I know; I can’t live in the past anymore; she says; she is all alone; and that; even when I’m in the house; it never feels like ...

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6. Kissing Tree

If you think that; it would bother me; to watch you; walk around with her; see you sitting in; your kissing tree; and should the worst occur; while you’re climbing high; and you won’t look down; cause...

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7. Lie Awake

She’d be working; in the night time; I’ll be working; in the day; we sleep together; on occasion; but it seems so; it seems so far away; I hate to fall asleep; here without her; I’m scared of what; th...

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8. Life In Three Parts

She could climb from her window; over to my house; we would hide up in my room; where she’d feel safe for awhile; keep the windows open for the blue skies; she’d say even if it rained; she kept hers w...

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9. Oceans

These oceans in my life; feel like they’re pulling you away; and I see you’re drowing; and I will give my breath to you; if I can; just don’t go away again; and baby I will hold you; find a way to kee...

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10. Pillows And Records

You said this is a used up world; You follow the river and your home is in the mountains; You've forgotten your questions lost your purpose; The beauty is gone; and this house still smells and sounds ...

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11. The Waiting

You should have given it up; as it is it’s not an acceptable way to be; you're so busy shining you’re iight overthere; that you can’t see cleariy; your house has taken an uncomfortable feeling; and I ...

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12. Wasted Days

Well I waited; for the sun to set that day; before I made up my mind; I’d be on my way; and I looked back in time; to catch a glimpse of you; but I didn't see anyone I knew; so don’t believe them; whe...

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