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Sent to the world of men, forged by the flames of hell
Daemon inside human flesh, morbid, nightstalking death
Blackened and one with darkness, armed with unhuman powers
Daemon inside human flesh. Kneel down. I bring you death

Messenger of wrath of the kingdom below
Coming for blood and the scream of the soul
Father Satan, I'm your will and your flame
Mortal world shall cry at the sound of my name


Close is the end of this earth, watch the rerise of babylon
I'll make the way for the beast. Strike with the law of the fist
Out of the infernal abyss. Flaming through all holiness
Great, supernatural force, all within my burning soul


I spread my wings and rise the sword
Daemon horns above my head
In the name of Satan lord
I am terror, I am death!

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Número de Palavras 125
Número de Letras 755
Intérprete Hell- Born

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