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Letra da Música Cursed Infernal Steel de Hell- Born

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Moonlight dance on the icecold battleblades
Slithering over the words of pure might
Carved into those weapons, oh so aged
And yet still unknown is their light

Cursed infernal steel

Thousand times shall the tripple six be shout
And unwrapped the red one will become
Forth comes the great beast to the land southern
The cursed ones and ancient steel become one


With a massive roar the realm of undead opens
Five pointed stars mark the flags and shields
The pages of ancient books' wide open
And the spells entangle the old bones
Beastmasters eclipse the sun with dragonwings
Warlust pumps undivine life into the dead
Stone and rock they grind with their chariots
And the spells light up the flames in their eyes


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Número de Palavras 108
Número de Letras 706
Intérprete Hell- Born

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