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1. Cursed Infernal Steel

Moonlight dance on the icecold battleblades; Slithering over the words of pure might; Carved into those weapons, oh so aged; And yet still unknown is their light; Chorus:; Cursed infernal steel; Thous...

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2. Empire Deep Down Under

Behind the gate sealed by time; There is a realm beyond your dreams; Upon the ancient, forgotten thrones; Sleeping, dreaming, demonic kings; Bridge:; Thousand towers and the house of the dead sleep as...

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3. Glorius Triumph Of Darkness

Streaming blood paints the ground; Their lines break; Chaos and fire all over the field; Evil prevails; Ride the beast, ride with the wind; Ride with death; Ride with hate, ride with fury; The armies ...

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4. Hellspawn

Sent to the world of men, forged by the flames of hell; Daemon inside human flesh, morbid, nightstalking death; Blackened and one with darkness, armed with unhuman powers; Daemon inside human flesh. K...

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5. Necromonstrosity

Here I crawl naked; At the bottom of the lair of the dead; What kind of spell; Keeps pushing me to an end? Last sparks of life; Fade within my eyes; Scared to death; But still crawl to where horror la...

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6. Stonecold

Oh, lord Death I need you; Timeless one, I am yours; In the dark of night I feel you; Life I don't need anymore; Chorus:; Black night and I'm asleep; Freezing shroud lays so thick; Black night - it's ...

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7. The Black Flag Of Satan

Storming skies beneath, on the killing fields; In the dead of night; Darkness eating through and through the dying day; Fade the lunar light; Underneath the eye lurking from beyond; Onto the mortal wo...

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8. The Crown Is Mine

The king returns to claim the throne; I'm back to rule this world; Kneel to me, feeble mortal scum; Just like you did before; I'm reborn through infernal flames; Reborn is my sword; Back from hell I r...

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