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Letra da Música Hécate de Hazy Hamlet

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Now there is much time
that the curse arrived
to nothing distinguish
(I was persuaded).

The good and evil
don't know anymore
and day by day the mistake
increases more and more.

Mist and plague - three witches I see.
Poison and magic - forsake in this sea.

And I was gambled
where all seems standing
and the black poison
corrupts my bones.

I can not move
trinity arrests me
nothing to say
I became a slave

And I wish I had never heard
oh oh oh Hécate!
Queen of the night, they have no name,
fire and water, wind and rain!
One more time treason comes
oh oh oh Hécate !!!!!

Queen of witches
when I will be enough evil
to drink all your poison
to the death, madness or fall?

The sun doesn't rise
and I am in this sea for a long time
there're no islands here
to moor our ship - so torn!

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Número de Palavras 126
Número de Letras 802
Intérprete Hazy Hamlet

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