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1. Black Maquerade

There's a mask for each of your sins. There's an indulgence to pay for each violation. There's a scorn for all that exists. -; But how: if there's nothing beyond all this? Under the light; theater of ...

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2. Chariot Of Thor

Another war explodes; Another lives scythe; Helheim gates once more are open; To hail the dead mankind; The Protector God is watching; From up above His clouds; His furious heart beats faster; Each ti...

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3. Chrome Heart

Rise! Take thy sword back to fight! Thou shall meet no victory fleeing... Thy soul still is a beast to tame! Burn! Let thy damn weakness burn! Follow the hot Muspell winds; Baptize thy heart in Surtur...

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4. Forging Metal

Head to the gas stop; Fill up the tank; Of our good old Ford; As well as us, he needs some fire; Steel-born machine; Our V8 sings; With the hardest songs; Rocking the highway, rolling tires; (Bridge);...

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5. Funeral For a Viking

Gods of the elements; this is the season of fall; The darkness covering my vision; blood staining the wall; Day after day; the time seems to drain; The truest things; taken by the rain! The final batt...

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6. Hécate

Now there is much time; that the curse arrived; to nothing distinguish; (I was persuaded). ; The good and evil; don't know anymore; and day by day the mistake; increases more and more. ; Mist and plag...

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7. Metal Revolution

Six days to create this world; And everything here; Was in a perfect; harmony; What intentions had then god; To spend a whole day in; The seeding of; humanity? (Bridge); Dreaming power; Is born the fi...

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8. The Beginning Of The End Pt Ii

I start to hear the screams; Fear echoes deep in my heart; In everywhere the destruction begins; And now I know who you are. ; All's falling by your side; Now I Know your destination; This is the begi...

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9. The Flight Of King

There are you crying in your ship, Enclosured by Fears. You left behind your land; And your people full of tears. ; You remember the threat:; The tyrant forbade the union, Forbade the commerce, And no...

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