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Trembling hands, well you say me there's nothing else to tell
In this life, people goes down cause they don't know where they are
Don't know where they are
Tell me why we just have to walk around
So give me some air to breathe clear
So pull the trigger I'm just one step aside
What you really want is to deny your dreams
Cause you're afraid cause you're like me

Hey, we can feel this way
Comes to me a burning stone yes
You should fallow me
Smile cause I am the chosen one!!

I tell no tales
I'm a selfish man who just want to grow on my own
But nothing seems to be clear
That's why we have made mistakes and that's why we learn

Take me to the west side along the wild sea
Where there's no places to hide
Tell me if I fall cause I'll rise stronger
Now that I took sometime I found the way
To lose it all to win something else

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Número de Palavras 150
Número de Letras 802
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