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1. Beginning

I take my time, to look back on the ground; Is cero gravity here, it feels so fine my mind blows up; Sometimes I wish I could see; As clear as I can breathe, deaf noise I hear; Clear voices through my...

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2. Blue Day

So baby nothing's gonna change here even if i turn the volume louder than you right now; Would you share tonight with me, here anybody knows about the things that they should know; Anybody knows about...

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3. Enough

God, don't you think that's enough; The air I breath is getting smooth; Tell me why I'm still here; Even if I turn off the lights; God, I never understand; Why they called them friends and next move; ...

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4. Made Of Fire

Someone told me that saw you last child; And somehow I knew that he couldn't be real; But I'm here to save you from me? Slowly my girl I've been building my empire; And every dark smile is a new brick...

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5. Mr. Sadman

Don't go Mr. sadman; Don't have to cry no more; Pain comes from the hart; And this is not a place for harts; If she left tears on her pillow; Don't tell me I did not right; If you will ask me for love...

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6. Over Dry

Father don't touch this wound, hurts a lot, in spite of time; Father don't touch this face, the skin is over dry, in spite of water; Don't you ever show me the clear way, cause I'm blind; In spite of ...

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7. The Chosen One

Trembling hands, well you say me there's nothing else to tell; In this life, people goes down cause they don't know where they are; Don't know where they are; Tell me why we just have to walk around; ...

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8. The Circle

From the fucking circle I'll break it all when; Everyone gets tired of all we have made; Through these years somehow, time is stocked somehow; Suddenly my lips spoke of death and red wine; Suddenly yo...

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9. The River

Michelle gave me a gift for the pain, but she doesn't know how it turns; Came like wind without noise, to cover my eyes and my voice; So tonight? So tonight? Give me the strength of the stone, cause t...

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10. War Machine

In the land were everything is wasted; There's a kingdom drifted by the flood of hopeless; Let the godless take the crimson stone; Let the godless grasp into the ground; Feel the sin how it glows in y...

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