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Letra da Música Gimme Some More de Hard Time

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I was born on the
Wrong side of the street
The sun was always shining
On the other side
And all I got from life is just
Long shadows on the wall
Just shadows on the wall
But I always wanted more.

Gimme some more.

I feel so lonely, so bad
I wished to find somebody to love
Somebody who cares
But I guess I'm not so lucky
And I'm walking down the street
Wasting my time
Looking for some love, looking all around
But I can't find
Won't you give me more?!

Gimme some more

I need some loving
I need someone to help me
Through the sleepless nights
And when I look around me
What can I see
Just pictures of the past
Bring me back my misery, yeah!
I need some loving
That's all I want from you

Gimme some more.

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Número de Palavras 116
Número de Letras 716
Intérprete Hard Time

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