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1. Ain't No Money

There ain't no money; That can buy me; And there ain't no woman; Who can settle me down; Drink from every bottle; Makes me feel alright; And for a good friend of mine; I'll always stand up and fight; ...

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2. Gimme Some More

I was born on the; Wrong side of the street; The sun was always shining; On the other side; And all I got from life is just; Long shadows on the wall; Just shadows on the wall; But I always wanted mor...

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3. I'm Going Down

One day when I was on my way to school; I said to myself Boy, this isn't for you; Then I threw my books and picked up my guitar; I played all night and day. I know that some day I'll go far. ; I'm goi...

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4. She Don't Give A Damn

Every night I see you; Crawling on the floor; But this is just a nightmare; And I wake all alone; From day to day it's all the same; I'm crazy about you, girl; but you don't give a damn; No, no more, ...

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