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Letra da Música An Evil Eye de Chaosbreed

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I have an evil eye
And it's pointed straight at you
My stare is cold
A reflection of my soul

I am the evil eye
That is pointed at you all
This stare is cold
A true reflection of your souls

I am the monkey on your back
The boogieman under your bed
The skeleton in your closet,
Incubus in your dreams

I am the stalker, I am the rapist
I am the strangler, I am the slasher
I am the reaper, I am cancer
I am vermin, I am the demon
I am religion, I am the a-bomb
I am the cyclon, I am the needle in your arm
I am the tumour in your brain
I am the weakness in your heart
I am the pain withut a name

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Número de Letras 559
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