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1. An Evil Eye

I have an evil eye; And it's pointed straight at you; My stare is cold; A reflection of my soul; I am the evil eye; That is pointed at you all; This stare is cold; A true reflection of your souls; I a...

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2. Casket Ride

Ready for the casket ride? Death-bound joyride; One way freedom-run, sorry-go-round! Soulless man - dead and gone; Lying in his grave trip of death, endless night; Rotting under ground to cross the ri...

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3. Demon Skunk

Welcome to hell, dear old friend; So nice to have you back here again; We got the stuff to expand your mind; This shit is gonna blow your mind! Demon skunk fucks up your brain! Just one whiff and; You...

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4. F/c/d/c (freedom Chrush Death Corps)

Last Remains of a dying reign; Falling any day; Mass destruction endless pain; Freedom strikes again! Here come the angels of death; Retaliate! Here comes your death; The world is saved again; Master ...

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5. Faces Of Death

All around me faces of death; As I put the noose around my neck; No-one here gets out alive; So bow down your head and pray to die! Pray to die! Can you stare the deceased in the eyes? Or kiss the lip...

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6. Moralized

I've been watching you inside your house; When you're asleep, when you're awake; I've been stalking y ou for two weeks now; And soon I'm gonna make my move; Knife keeps plunging; Right thru your fucki...

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7. Rotting Alive

Welcome to your bloodred nightmare! The spell must be broken reality's a dream; Reality's a life-long nightmare; And nothing as it seems; Rotting alive, ready to be reborn; Rotting alive, ready to be ...

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8. Shitgrinder

Pretty boy, chicken bones; Honey jar - fuck that! Split your skull, slit your throat; Burn your corpse - fuck off! Shitgrinder! Pretty boy, chicken shit; Plastic soul - fuck that! Pound your head to t...

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9. Symptoms Of The Flesh

Symptoms of the flesh; Curse of human race; Venereal death; Imminent disgrace; Symptoms of the flesh; Festering decay; Your dick falls off! Your cunt rots away! Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, dying breed!

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10. Wretched Life

Death trap - hit'n'run eyes wide open; Shut up - suck the gun your will is broken; Seize the day, end your life; Abandon hope, and your life; End your wretched life! Mass-death-blood-drain hell-mouth-...

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