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Letra da Música Devil's County de Cavalar

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I'm living my whole life in sin
I can't wash it away
I'm too far from a new beginning
There is no other way
To forget all my marks on the skin
I'll be never the same
Now only Devil's county is my place

Here I am in the land of madness
Feeling so healthy in this sickness
Getting closer to my inner Lucifer
No escape from here I'm a prisoner

See how fast the needle
Makes the pleasure real
Never getting healed
But forever sealed

Devil's county I belong
Many faces won't leave me alone
Devil's county I belong
Many faces to make me strong

Living life with already seven
Going far along all my treasures
One step behind from the heaven
Even better saying it takes forever

(Repeat Bridge and Chorus)

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Número de Palavras 110
Número de Letras 743
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