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1. Blind Eye

Taken away from tine to time; Experienced in denying; Doesn't matter if they're right or wrong; Seems like a bunch of lies; Under control has been your soul; Begging 'till the end of the night; Steali...

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2. Born Like Fire

Rising from dirt with no expectation; It's calling your name for a blind invitation; Straight to your face as a powerful punch; Destroy into pieces so noisy so crunchy; Pumping your blood in a high le...

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3. Can The World Be Wrong?

Waiting for who calls the end; Fighting for the land; No one cares who's next; Praying just to get back; Watching people bleeding; Sounds like the beginning; All the voices screaming for; Whoever stop...

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4. Deadman

You can't just walk away; And pack your life to go; Won't get enough time; To set your body and soul; Avoid all faces; And run yourself alone; In this world you play the game; Whatever you may roam; B...

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5. Devil's County

I'm living my whole life in sin; I can't wash it away; I'm too far from a new beginning; There is no other way; To forget all my marks on the skin; I'll be never the same; Now only Devil's county is m...

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6. God Damned Rebel

I've got no doubt in what I wanna be; All my beliefs are made from what I see; A brave new world should I be part of it? I carry my life in a way that a few follow me; Chorus:; I'm a God damned rebel;...

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7. Going For It!

A fresh start in my life I will take; No regrets no more rancour; Another way to get me out from the past; To forget explanations; Go ahead and try the best I can; To reset all my frustrations and the...

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8. Hole In The Sky

I'm looking through a hole in the sky; I'm seeing nowhere through the eyes of a lie; I'm getting closer to the end of the line; I'm living easy where the sun doesn't shine; I'm living in a room withou...

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9. New Empire

Desparate days won't find me sinking; Now I see the lights; Shining bright when I'm thinking; From today I won't be afraid; Nothing else to be paid; Hear from me I'm safe and sound; Clearing out my wa...

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10. Rush

Another day for a million people; Staring at the sun; Struggling against all odds; But in the end have some fun; How can one deal with pressures; Knockin' on the door? When the damage is already done;...

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11. Us

Waiting so long; To make my life the way I want; Growing so strong; A chance to be on my own; Singing a song; That's how deep and mad I go; Never alone; I'm not gonna be anymore; That is the fate; Rea...

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12. V-red

We used to share the same old dreams; We used to walk and feel the breeze; We've never let things fall apart; I can't imagine we'd break out hearts; Chorus:; On why? I couldn't have a sign; On why? Yo...

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13. Watch Me From The Sky

In the night when life sounds so quiet; And I just stay on my own; I can still hear your voice; Whispering for my love; Is it promises of eternal love; That you want from me? I don't know; But I can g...

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