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Letra da Música Snapper Organs de Cadaver Inc.

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All face the flashing lights
All face my pervert brain

This time I shall no more return
This time I shall go insane
This mind was not meant to see heaven
This very night I'll kill again

Kill to end the pounding
(Kill) to rave in hell

My earthly mask did never suit me
Fractured and grell is has become
Watch as I lower it into acid
And let my true face show

Blow, the winds of death

Take this, my wretched body
I hate its fucking face
Saluted by tarnished sculptures
I relocate my brain

Take this wretched body
I hate it's fuckin' face
Look to the sky and see
Apocalypse has just begun

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Número de Palavras 95
Número de Letras 590
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