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1. Deliverance

Extracting placidity; Absorbing the rage; The roads to obscurity; Are sordid from putrid taste; Exhuming iniquity; The eraser of grace; Mounting in purity; Like fountains of primal hate; A breath of s...

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2. Die Like This

Mortified on the killing fields; A slaughtered army rests; In their eyes - pathetic cries; The final bloodbath; Nuclear massacre; Death destruction; Global genocide; Fester - mankind; World - decompos...

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3. Discipline

Horror is fading into the streaming lights of your everyday view; Perception from your side will never be real to no other than your eyes - and; only to them; Hunt down the hunters that haunt you like...

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4. Killtech

Wrapped up in tubes naked; How will I survive? This torment I'm living towards the day I die; Cold metal strapped around my body, legs and bones; Carving in my flesh, the more I try to get free; Kill ...

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5. Murderhead

Ride; With wings of mayhem; The urge to kill; Has paralysed my mind; Possessed by morbid lusts; Awaiting massive torment; Blades ripping through your eyes; The purest necro odour; Of satanic slaughter...

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6. Point Zero

Hate the eyes of mercy; Hate the infants' cries; Hate the hordes of weakened minds; Hate the whores; Worship all destruction; Love to hate; Salute lack of emotion; Salute charred remains; Awaiting the...

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7. Primal

Revealing the secrets; Of my past-life subconsciousness; Entering, unfolding; What wasn't pleasant to be; Unborn fantasies; How life came to be; What they didn't see -; A guide by our destructive enem...

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8. Reptile Robots

ole through the mirror; The fence of scattered time; Crude, relentless sinner; Let the murderhead rise; Torn and mangled carcass; Turns his frenzy to a sign; Greet the worms a welcome; Treat them with...

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9. Rupture

Geochemical massbalance and implications for reservoir properties beneath; unconformities; Residual transport model in correlation with sedimentary dynamics; The temporal significance glossifungities ...

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10. Snapper Organs

All face the flashing lights; All face my pervert brain; This time I shall no more return; This time I shall go insane; This mind was not meant to see heaven; This very night I'll kill again; Kill to ...

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