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Letra da Música Panopticon de Abnegation

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We’re suffering a loss of grip,
some more steps on our trip,
and off this narrow path,
we will slip

Soon there’s no more need to breath,
plunge into the void,
splash into the sea,
of translucency

Jeremy Benthams predication,
of unobserved observation,
enforced by some sick minds'
cruel intention

You think it’s just imagination?
Can’t you read the signs,
We are not in control!

This will proceed no longer,
slowly the sturdy walls disintegrate,
for the power of the masses is stronger
We will finally determine our own fate.

Society changes to a battlefield,
now the violence becomes real,
the offensive smell of death is in the air!

Now inhale it deeper and stronger,
feel the strength of this new world,
this perfect victory of anarchy!

We suffered in a loss of grip.
There where some steps on our trip,
and off this narrow path
we slipped.

There was no more need to breath.
We plunged into the void
and splashed into the sea
of translucency.

Arise from your slumber and hear my call!
Time has come to go over the wall.
Now that we have decoded the whole plot,
Don't any longer let your mind rot!
The bell of awakening for us is to chime,
After this seemingly endless time.
Rip apart the eye of the beholder,
and inhale deeply the new order's odour!

Ficha Técnica da Música Panopticon

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Número de Palavras 186
Número de Letras 1286
Intérprete Abnegation

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