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Hey, can you see this?
He is walking down the steps into hell!
And I only want one thing from you!
Follow him!

Now I want you to obey my constructions.
You have to see no barriers on your way.
Anything that can awake you must expire.
I demand from you, lose all sides of the day.

All the evil that you've sucked into your minds
over all these years of pretended peace and freedom
will now create an endless night
Which he preaches - We have to fight!

Follow the Evil, Follow the Evil!

Let's legalize the acted out thoughts.
A by death defiled sky declares a total war.
The opportunity that we have sought
Is drawing nearer more and more.

We are the scavengers, who defile your corpse
It's your blood that pollutes the ground
We are the actors of this War!

Follow the Evil, Follow the Evil!

Killing, slaying, running blood,
cadavers, parts of corpses.
Dead bodies, hate, aggressions,
their pain will open doors.
Every scream of dying
will rip a part of our souls
and finally
we will deadly resolve!

Follow the Evil, Follow the Evil!

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Número de Letras 1005
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