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1. Bloody Orders

Now let us free our aggressions; and show them in a bloody fight; That everyone will see this rapid evil; that's in our minds; No escape no place to hide; The hate surrounds them like a wall; The evil...

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2. Follow The Evil

Hey, can you see this? He is walking down the steps into hell! And I only want one thing from you! Follow him! Now I want you to obey my constructions. You have to see no barriers on your way. Anythin...

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3. Inferno

All your death is my desire; Now we set it all on fire; The justice will remind "the holy nation"; All this seed of revolution; All my dark recurring thoughts; Discharge a storm of self-determination;...

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4. Panopticon

We’re suffering a loss of grip, some more steps on our trip, and off this narrow path, we will slip; Soon there’s no more need to breath, plunge into the void, splash into the sea, of translucency; Je...

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