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Letra da Música Evangelina de Zeeza

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Sleep with him evangelina
When you see the clouds turn cold
Stay with child evangelina
You can never banish this unborn soul

He has seen the moon light going through you
He has heard the whispers of screptula
Mana won't be blinded from the luna
Who will you be crying for evangelina ?
Your lost with out your own directions

Got lost within your own deceptions
Where do you go from here?
Your stuck here somewhere in between
Where is your magic evangelina?

In the dead of the night I hear you calling sleep
I can feel phalasia's baby hear inside me
wake with him strange evangelina
Just once let me celebrate inside you
Just once let me feel this life inside you

Sleep with him evangelina
So I can feel his heart beat strumming
sleep with him evangeline
cause you wont hear your baby crying
sleep with him evagelina

let yourlelf love your pagan baby
let yourself love your pagan baby

Ficha Técnica da Música Evangelina

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Número de Palavras 138
Número de Letras 869
Intérprete Zeeza

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