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1. Baby Come Back

Baby Come Back; oh my love I still need you but I've got someone else; I know they say that your not free but you end up with me; you pro missed me a love affair you said you'd be mine; now my head go...

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2. Devotions

better watch your devotions if you believe in love potions; this way i may not play; did she kiss you forcibly; and did she freez in her extacy; tell me, baby did she; I've got to know before I leave ...

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3. Evangelina

Evangelina; Sleep with him evangelina; When you see the clouds turn cold; Stay with child evangelina; You can never banish this unborn soul; He has seen the moon light going through you; He has heard ...

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4. Last Of The Mana

Spoken:; {I see your face marked with blood of the deer; You chant for the tourists with your fathers own spear; You hear thunder echo but it's not the same sky; No echo will return from your indian c...

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5. Points Of Five

Points of Five; (tribute to Pagans); Did you ever see the goat inside the circle of the star? did you ever see its eyes and writings on the points of five; the horned none unholy one the darkening in ...

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6. The Pagan Birthday Song

Dont`you ever loose your smile; don't let them fade away your style; when that birthday comes around another year; and don't believe in what they say; about how beauty goes away; you are still somethi...

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