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[Jabbar] (Talking)
And you challenge me to rap motherfucker? (Yo Yo I say this all the motherfucking time)
I dont know who the fuck you think you are
I got a whole army comin to bring you down baby (They all bullshit, come on)
I got Limn, I got Kapone, I got Xero and I got chesron and me
We fuck you motherfuckers up,
don't step up to the play because you can't handle this motherfucking heat (They can't handle)
BRING IT (We gonna bring .. bring this motherfucker, I wanna hear some)

[Xero] (Talking)
Yo, Thugz Generation doing it again
Smugglin Beat up in this motherfucker.. yow take it punks

gotta get on it makin this track they never come back
when it comes to rap, let it be a fact
man I'll be a cat bitin on this track tryn the be a fagg
lookin at fools and makin them fooled
by breakin and fakin and takin the rules by the fooles
get them booied laughin at the mothafuckaz wanna be cool
gotta do this song,ow shit what the fuck u want to do
killin and takin the way and get a bad day
nobody will say and pray get away, and fet off of what yall say
cmon lay down dont fuck around
rockin the beat and make a mc a wanna be livin like a ridah gonna be,
a G see me and flee bitch u dont wanna be me,u felany,
gotta flee from the problems u will see
man for real what the fuck shakin the song
gotta kill u and ur brothaz in a drive-by mothafucking punk

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Número de Letras 1226
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