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I know this rain, it's comin' down in
Scream and pain
Because you're dying.
The face of truth is now sleeping
Beware of youth
My hands is greeping.

Leave me out,
Out of here.
This way of smoke, it's now so weird.
And all the obssession
It's make me feel the pain
The pain of that all those who lost this sacred, bright and shine rain.

In my way you'll come with me
Ridding loose is not so win.
Your mind is fine if you be away
Then you turn right...
That's the rain

You can find the way
To find saved place
Amoung the peace and grace
Exactilly as i'd say
Then you spend of right to find line of shine
I want to be right, all right, all nice.

As all the end of point
No rulers, meat or joke.
Nothing flash to joint, nothing in clouds of smoke.
I guess to find this lord, this lord in glory of god
Standing at this time, it's right, it's all right.

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Número de Letras 849
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