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Letra da Música Forbidden de Violent Femmes

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come with us and play!
see, we have breasts as women!
from your tents by the sea
come play with us: it is forbidden

come with us and play!
lo, bare, straight legs in the water!
by our boats we stay
then swimming away
come to us: it is forbidden!

come with us and play!
see, we are as tall as women!
our eyes are keen:
our hair is bright:
our voices speak outright:
we revel in the sea's green!
come play: it is forbidden!

Ficha Técnica da Música Forbidden

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Número de Palavras 70
Número de Letras 414
Intérprete Violent Femmes

Análises de Significado da Letra da Música Forbidden

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