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Letra da Música The Garden de Vern Gosdin

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She planted roses , the first year we married - it soon was a garden we'd go walking through - My job kept me travling but when I came home to heaven She was so proud to show me- all the love that she grew I heard her talking ,one day to a old friend She said I don't want to hurt him But its out of control . I feel so guilty cause he'll be so helpless - He won't understand why I just got to go
Now I come to the garden alone All my reasons I once had for living are gone. Sometimes when I feel like I just cant go on -I come to the garden alone
No one can imagine - just how much I miss her . I'd give up this whole world to once more hold her near.
It's just beyond on me why god took her from me I bet the flowers in heaven are looking better this year.
Where the dew kissed the roses - where weeds now have grown

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Intérprete Vern Gosdin

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