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Letra da Música Alone de Vern Gosdin

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Alone, at a table for two, alone, waitng for you i ordered the wine like so many times before then chill crawled all over me, my god, this is how it would be if you just didnt love me any more
I never knew how much i loved you till i sat here all by myself you know you control my heart and my soul there'll never be anyone else so dont be suprised at the tears in my eyes its feeling that ive never known now i can see i was never meant to be alone
Alone, i never stand tall, alone,
Id be nothing at all your empty chair nearly scared me to death and then you walk through that door and my heart started beating once more oh please, dont ever leave me here like this
Now i can see i was never meant to be alone

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Número de Palavras 146
Número de Letras 583
Intérprete Vern Gosdin

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