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Letra da Música Crazy 'bout you de Vanessa Williams

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Someone asked me, about you
Asked me if this was love, are we serious
I kindly replied that I loved you
Don't know if I should be falling again

There's a part of me, still in misery
Thought I know I got to move on
I'm scarred of commitment
I'm scarred of what could go wrong

'Cause if I love again, I could lose again,
There's a chance that my heart could break
Hate to be wrong again
Baby, 'cause I'm crazy 'bout you
If I hurt again and I cried again
That's the chance that I'm gonna take
I can't be wrong again
Baby, 'cause I'm crazy 'bout you

It's gonna take me just a moment
To take this all the way it feels kind of strange
So what could you do to assure me
That you won't go astray baby and hurt me some day

So no promises, don't want roses
I've already heard every lie
And I ain't in no hurry
and I hope you're not wasting my time


Starting over
Takes me under
I need your shoulder
When I can't bear this pain
I need your love now
To help me make it alright
I don't need no one babe
Runnin' in and out of my life


If I love again and I can lose again
That's a chance that I'm gonna take
I can't be wrong again
Baby, 'cause I'm crazy 'bout you

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Número de Letras 1267
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