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Hanging 'round your door for days, hopin' to see your face
All your neighbors, they think I'm a loser, they'd rather see me no more, no

But when you come outside, you make it all worthwhile
And when you're holding me tight
I'm on fire, I'm on fire

Your father surely ain't making it easy, to get in touch with you
He told me, the next time he sees me, he's going to beat me black 'n blue

(chorus) - yeah yeah


I'm glad you're open, didn't notice that letter you threw out from your window
"I'll come outside tonight", was the message, we're going to let ourselves go

(chorus) - oh


I'm on fire, I'm on fire, I'm on fire, yeah yeah, fire

Fire... (repeats out)

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Número de Palavras 115
Número de Letras 745
Intérprete Vandenberg

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