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1. Alibi

Something's rotten, things got [complete] outta hand; Too far gone, someone's gonna understand; She controls my mind, makes me do things I don't want to; She's the dangerous kind, there was nothing I ...

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2. All The Way

I should have believed what they said, now it's too late to go back; This didn't turn out like I planned, seems I gotta go on 'til the end; Now two cops are killed by my gun, oh-oh-oh, this place is h...

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3. Burning Heart

Vandenberg; Burning Heart; Does it feel the same; When he calls your name; And does it feel the same; When you play the game; Of love; When he holds you tight; Does it feel alright; Just like it used ...

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4. Different Worlds

Things weren't so natural in the beginning; We just let our hearts beat, this was love; We lived from one day to another, the difference didn't bother us at all; Then the day came, you took me home to...

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5. Dressed To Kill

Oh yeah, for me she's the one, when I see her walk, she sets my soul on fire; My self-control's gone, get a heart-attack the moment that she smiles; I know she knows I'm there, but she pretends she do...

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6. Fighting Against The World

I don't agree with the way some people make all the rules, control society; No rules for me, I wanna live my life the way I want, no one's controlling me; They say I'm wrong, I know I'm right; I make ...

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7. Friday Night

During the week I'm only half alive, wasting my time all day from 9 to 5; They think I'm slow and I'm a lazy guy; They should see me now, I'm here in your town, I'm blowing the fuses right out; Friday...

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8. Heading For A Storm

Well you know how it goes when you [help up your bitch while it's] hot; I was out on the beach, down in grease, I was in for some fun; And there she was; Looking so fine, this stark lookin' woman just...

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9. How Long

It took so long to find you, now you say that you need some more time; Somehow I'm getting used to, hangin' 'round 'til you've made up your mind; Everytime you need me, you just call knowing that I wi...

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10. I'm On Fire

Hanging 'round your door for days, hopin' to see your face; All your neighbors, they think I'm a loser, they'd rather see me no more, no; Chorus:; But when you come outside, you make it all worthwhile...

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11. Once In A Lifetime

You needed your freedom, I thought that I needed mine; We both were too young to know, we shouldn't let it go; We went our own ways, and time passed us by; Now when I think of those schooldays, I real...

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12. Pedal To The Metal

I've been held back way too long, sung in the same old songs; This last speed's too low for me, I'm changing to a higher gear; Some guys like to live real quiet, rather get them tired; Try to live my ...

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13. Rock On

Alright! They say life is just a threat, they know what is good and bad; I know what I want, no one tells me what to do - alright! They say life ain't just for fun, but my life has just begun; I'm not...

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14. This Is War

You were the one that was always just telling the truth; Playing your game that was so very easy to do; I was believing you, easy to play with the fool; You made your plans like a pro, yeah you played...

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15. Time Will Tell

You read in the papers that it's all a mess; That life isn't what it used to be; They say that we all have to get used to less, recession strikes society; [That it what can be done, and now that's the...

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16. Voodoo

She, she don't seem strange to me, I was in love and too blind to see, oh; She (she) warned me to treat her right (get that warning); She wouldn't let no one hurt her inside, no; Chorus:; She is such ...

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17. Waiting For The Night

When the darkness falls and the night time calls, that's when I'll be around; No daylight for me, I don't need to see what is happening around me; I've had my share of the bullshit out there, I ain't ...

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18. Welcome To The Club

It's alright when you've said goodbye, it's alright when it's all wrong; It's just fine, there's no need to cry, now's your chance to sing your song; You've got your break now, you can do what you wan...

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