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Count down yet another year
To celebrate time wasted on you
Good fortunes turned into shit

You leaned in for another New years kiss
Just leave me alone, your on your own
It?s been years I love you to death

A heart full of love (not anymore)
But I?m much stronger than that
Somewhere on a ship, a sailor clutches your picture to his heart
He remembers that last kiss

All memories that you will soon forget
There is a bomb inside his chest, you can rip it out
The moon is bright what a perfect night?
I will never be yours, move on.

Rain falls on your lips, a poison that I can not resist
We are young and pretty but not bright
I?m a cheap fix for your lonely nights
At least this is how you make me feel

I see you looking at me and it sickens me
Take the L out of Lovers because this game is over
Love can?t bring me down
Hate is all I feel now

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Número de Letras 775
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