Until Your Heart Stops

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1. (l)over

Count down yet another year; To celebrate time wasted on you; Good fortunes turned into shit; You leaned in for another New years kiss; Just leave me alone, your on your own; It?s been years I love yo...

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2. Digging Holes

Lost, I'm Lost in my own memories; I watch myself from across the room; And I don't even know who I am; Who Am I? Please bury me, Lay still let the earth eat my flesh and bones; A slow realization tha...

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3. Ghost Town

Throat is dry I?m feeling sick; The towns moving fast; I never feel like this; I use to be among the crowd; My friends around me; Now I'm feeling singled out; I?m feeling blue; Seems as if I never kne...

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4. Pulling Teeth

There are nights when it is hard to fall asleep, The only way to block my thoughts; Is the thought of popping down pills; Or being beaten onto ground; You want to tear every hair off your head; Punch ...

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