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I was the man who had it all
One look, the slip and then the fall
Into a deep depression
Blinded by your grave deception
I should have seen it all along
Naive to know, something’s wrong
Your lies are the confession

Blinded by you
These eyes can see through
The darker days and shallow graves
Of world that’s haunted by you

Blinded by you
I see right through to
A better way to live today
With someone else besides you

Look beyond my fake expression
Help me with my sick obsession
I’m better left here on my own
‘cause with you I’d rather be alone

Did I hear you say
The same confession
That keeps me guessing your faith
Right about to fall
Did you see me coming
I’m far from running away

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Número de Palavras 110
Número de Letras 708
Intérprete Underride

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