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1. Blinded By You

I was the man who had it all; One look, the slip and then the fall; Into a deep depression; Blinded by your grave deception; I should have seen it all along; Naive to know, something’s wrong; Your lie...

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2. Inside Out

This don’t feel the same; You return and then you slip away; And I’m not here to wait; I only got one more chance for you to take; Please stop talking out loud; Figure it out; You’re tearing me down; ...

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3. Love Is Like Dying

By the time the rescue came; It was a little late; They had to let the people know; I was in another place; I could see above it all; Looking down upon her face; Can’t remember every word she said; Bu...

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4. Say Goodbye To Everything

Felony friends of a fraudulent fond past; Here’s to all of us may we never have to look back; We don’t need a second chance; ‘cause our chances are low; Living in the past is like dying real slow; Wha...

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