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You can find her in her classroom after school
When she is reading in a book. Oh oh
But you can see
The eyes in glasses she is lost
In a sea of secret dreams. Oh oh

I wanna be with her after school
That girl is on my mind but I know the rule
I was a gentleman but the time was wrong
Because instead of saying yes she just sang this song

Good girls are shy
Good girls wear just what mama said
Good girls, they don't go wild at night
Good girls are shy. They never use four-letter words
Good girls are always dressed in white

Sunny morning you can find her in the church
She has a bible in her hands. Oh oh
But you can see that in her mind there is a dream
Of how she really wants to be. Oh oh

Dressed in white, so pure and divine
She's the girl I want. Yeah, she's gotta be mine
So I asked the girl if she will come along
Instead of saying yes she just sang this song

I tried for hours, I tried for days
No matter what I did she wouldn't give me the play
So I went to the club open I would find
A wham bam, thank you man, just to ease my mind
I looked on the dancefloor and what did I see
That good little girl making eyes on me
In a tight light dress so my mind was gone
Cause I remember the time when she sang this song

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Número de Palavras 233
Número de Letras 1115
Intérprete The Free

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